Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

The Academy always has the vision in bringing forward the brilliant minds of the nation having finest qualities to become great Indian leaders. The institute works wholly as a group towards achieving the goal of improving the society and to be a part of nation building by nurturing our students, so that they are not just participants in classrooms but active co-creators and empowered agents who can not only pass the toughest exam but also take the immense responsibility of being a Civil Servant.

Our Strengths-

Flexible and highly Adaptive Learning System.
• Building a strong Student- Teacher bond which is individual specific.
• Student Centric Approach with Unbroken Feedback Loop.
• Round the Clock Expert Support & Guidance.
• Continuous Research & Innovation.
• Integrating Information Technology Solutions to enhance learning capacity &
optimizing efforts.
• Evolving our material constantly to keep ahead.
• Evaluations based upon strictly UPSC patterns to give a clear picture of a
student’s capacity.
• Provide constant motivation and mentorship to build upon the weak points and
work towards strengths.