Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains Examination

Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains Examination. The UPSC IAS Exam is one of the toughest exam in India. Second phase of this examination is UPSC Mains Examination. In this phase candidates have to write descriptive answers. Numbers of paper in this phase are 9 that consists of essay, general studies and optional papers. This phase is all about answer writing so it is a most challenging phase in the UPSC IAS Examination. So in this article aspirants can get every detail about the answer writing for the Mains Examination. 

Answer Writing Practice For UPSC Mains Examination is very important in the mains examination but aspirants have to learn how to write a good answer because it is as important as preparation of subjects. In the exam you will get selected on the basis of answers written by you  but not because of, you have read and studied very much in your preparation .So the art of answer writing is most important for every aspiring candidate of the UPSC IAS Examination. Every aspirant must keep some tips in mind while writing for UPSC Mains Examination.

1- Your answer must be impressive so that the examiner should feel that the answer is written by the future administrator.

2- You must write the precise and clear answer in this exam. Answer the question which is asked in the paper not write all the details you have regarding that topic.

3- Don’t just start writing the answer. Understand the demand of questions very well . For this you have to understand keywords and any directive given in the question.

4- In the questions in mains examination UPSC gives many directives and every directive demands precise answers so understand all directive very clearly. These directives are Examine, Comment,Analyze,Evaluate,Discuss, Critically Examine, Critically Comment,Critically Analyze and Assess.

5- In the examination hall general studies questions are very difficult for many candidates because of so many questions and so less time to answer. For this all the aspirants must practice as much as possible and this requires everyday plan and execution of that plan.

6- Aspirants must write answers in a simple language with legible handwriting. You may give headings and subheadings wherever it is necessary.

7- Follow the word limit provided by UPSC. No extra marks will be given for writing extra words but possibility is that  you won’t be able to attempt one or two question in the exam

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