Chandrayaan 2 , One Satellite And Many Hope

Chandrayaan 2 , One Satellite And Many Hope. Sriharikota, Agencies: 50 years of ISRO crossing 15 difficult hamlets in the next 48 days, Chandran-2 will land the lander-rover on the surface of the moon. Increasing the first step towards this historic achievement, Chandrayaan-2 was launched at 2:43 p.m. on Monday. ISRO’s ‘Bahubali’ rocket installed the Yan safely in the orbit of the Earth after 16 minutes of launch for the expectation of 50 million Indians on his shoulder. As soon as Yan began his journey separating from the rocket, there was a wave of happiness on the face of every person associated with this campaign. On this occasion of happiness, in the mind of every Indian, just three words were echoing: ‘Chand Chale Hum’. As soon as on September 7, Chandrayaan-2’s lander-rover steps will take place on the surface of the moon, India will become the fourth country to achieve this achievement. Until now, only the US, Russia and China have launched their planets on the moon.

Chandrayaan-2, Sriharikota, satelite,

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was founded on August 15, 1969, around a month after the US had completed the mission to send humans to the surface of the moon. Today, Indian scientists have touched the height of their merit, with Chandrayaan-2, the American space agency NASA also sent its payload. In the cost of Hollywood’s recent blockbuster ‘Avengers: Endgame’, the ISRO has done the lunar campaign in the third quarter.


Late, come back: Chandrayaan-2 was preparing to launch on July 15 at 2:51. However, the campaign was postponed due to some disturbances in the rocket 56 minutes before launch on that day. Scientists say that delay in such a campaign is acceptable, but it is not weakened. Through such every campaign millions of people in the country are expected. A slight threat can put the campaign in jeopardy. On Monday, the exact way the ISRO carried out the entire campaign, it can be said that it is late, but it can be corrected. From the launch to the journey of the Earth’s orbit into the orbit of a 16-minute journey, the more precise it is, it is a great achievement for a scientific expedition. ISRO has described the campaign better than expected.


Bahubali also praised Bahubali: Responsibility for launching Chandrayaan-2 ISRO handed over its most heavily rocket geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle-Mark 3 (GSLV-MK3). The cost of this rocket weighing 640 tonnes is Rs 375 crore. ISRO named it ‘fat boy’ (fat boy). The media has named it ‘Bahubali’ in the name of the super hit film. Actor Prabhas, who played a leading role in ‘Bahubali’, also congratulated the tweet on this occasion. He wrote, ‘This is a moment of pride for all Indians. It is a matter of honor for all the people associated with the movie ‘Bahubali’ that ISRO’s most powerful rocket has been named ‘Bahubali’.

Chandrayaan 2 , One Satellite And Many Hope

A ship, many hopes

In the form of Chandrayaan-1, 11 years ago, India sent the first mission towards the moon. It was an orbiter mission, which made the moon go for 10 months. The credit of exploration of water on the moon goes to this campaign of India. Now Chandran-2 will add further links to this achievement and will raise the evidence of the presence of water and various minerals on the moon. There are three parts of this vehicle – Orbiter, Lander and Rover. In the name of Vikram Sarabhai, the father of space science in India, the name of the lander is named Vikram. The name of Rover is Pragyan, which is Sanskrit word, which means knowledge. The orbiter will carry out the experiments by rotating the moon every year. Landers and rover will experiment on the surface of the Moon for a total of 14 days.


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