How To Cover Polity For UPSC Civil Services Exam

How To Cover Polity For UPSC Civil Services Exam. Polity features a significant importance altogether in the three stages of the UPSC Civil Services Exam, be it prelims, mains or interview. This subject creates a way of awareness about one’s right, duties, responsibilities and in particular holding the government accountable which is the core of a well functioning democracy.

The Constitution is undoubtedly the very important topic under Indian Polity but it also includes topics like various policies of the govt , centre-state relations, new bills, laws, governance issues, social justice, etc.

It is crucial for a candidate to be abreast with the local happenings and this will create a way of awareness about one’s rights, duties and responsibilities and helps one take an informed decision.

Polity is a very easy subject to understand. Aspirants can easily score good marks because it’s syllabus is factual and concise.

Both factual and dynamic questions can be asked in the polity section. On the difficulty level they are easy to moderate questions .

Importance of polity is very much in UPSC Civil Services Exam.  About 15% questions directly come from this section.

Let’s See How To Cover Polity For UPSC Civil Services Exam :-

Resources for Polity 

  • Class 9th NCERT textbook – Democratic Politics-I
  • Class 10th NCERT textbook – Democratic Politics-II
  • Class 11th NCERT textbook – Indian Constitution at work
  • Indian Polity – M. Laxmikanth
  • India Year Book

Preparation Tips For Indian Polity 

1. NCERT books are very lucid and interesting and NCERT books don’t take aspirants preparation time so every aspirant must start their preparation with the NCERT. Here aspirants will get conceptual clarity of any topic so start with NCERT most importantly from Indian Constitution at Work.

2. After NCERT books in next step aspirants may go for Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth. Which is a very good resource for polity preparation. By doing this aspirants will be able to score good marks.

3.Candidates are advised not to not to mug up all articles of the constitution. Only some are important from the exam’s point of view. Revise the subject number of time .

4.Go through the newspaper everyday. Be it Indian Express or The Hindu. While reading newspapers pay attention to articles/ editorial related to Indian Constitution and related to the International Political System. Note down all the important bills,acts,policies etc.

5.Practice mock tests for understanding demand of UPSC. By practicing mock aspirants will get to know their weakness .So revision and practicing the mock test is very essential in this examination.

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