Ethics Paper Strategy for Civil Services Exam

Ethics Paper Strategy for Civil Services Exam. UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam consists of total 9 Papers which include 2 Language Papers, 1 Essay Paper, 4 GS Papers (GS-I, GS-II, GS-III & GS-IV), and 2 Optional Subject Papers. Out of all these papers, Ethics is a component of GS-IV Paper.

Ethics Paper was introduced in 2013, but still is shrouded in mystery. Because there are no single Bible explaining basics of ethics paper in an authoritative manner, partly because the syllabus itself is often interpreted very widely and also partly because most of us haven’t any background in ethics as there’s no directly related undergraduate course for this paper. Ethics Paper Strategy for Civil Services Exam.

To clear up the confusion of UPSC aspirants related to Ethics study material and Strategy to prepare the subject, we have compiled this blog that states some standard study material sources to be referred to and a plan of action that aspirants can adopt to prepare for ethics paper for UPSC Mains Examination.

Study Material For Ethics (GSIV) Paper 

  • Lexicon is a most common source or starting point for many UPSC
  • Previous Years Papers for understanding demand of questions and for aligned with the UPSC Syllabus.
  • The study material provided by our institute which is very comprehensive for all the aspirants to start the preparation of the Ethics paper.
  • Class Notes are very necessary for a basic understanding of ethics paper.
  • For standard book, aspirants may go for D.Subba Rao book. From this book, aspirants may get a balanced approach of theory and practice.
  • Some Indian Government reports like Second ARC, Manual on Ethics for Civil Servants with Indian Perspective.

How to Score High in Ethics Paper 

  • First thing which is compulsory for every aspirant is to go for Case Studies. Practice a lot of case studies. From this, you will understand the demand of different cases and approaches to react in different situations.
  • You will get more appreciated while writing practical answers for these case studies.
  • Minimize the resource is very essential for this paper. Read-only what is required.
  • Ethics paper is all about answer writing so improve your answer by writing as much as you can.

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