Let’s talk about UPSC strategies for exams

Let’s talk about UPSC strategies for exams & how to crack IAS Exam answers writing, strategy, essays of mind and some good study sources,

Writing Answers:-

Try to write IAS exam on online platforms, also write a reply on the ILP and TLP with full faith and confidence.

You can also review the replies of the others. Good answer should have some characteristics like:

Answers should have consistent and to the point.

You should cover every part of the UPSC exam  question should be answered very clearly.Here we talk about how to cracl IAS Exam answers writing, strategy, essays of mind and some good study sources,

upsc exam Answer can be written in either form, either in the form of a verse or paragraph, well, it depends on the nature of the question, except for the intro and the conclusion, I will advocate writing in the body in the context.

Flowchart, tables, etc.

Facts and other figures should be in the appropriate amount.


You should also  try to understand the specialty of toppers and also try to coping their upsc  answers strategy Keep Posting regularly and have a good look at the newspapers, Because UPSC is uncertain, if you understand the boundary line, it is wise to prepare.

  1. The essay should be cover now because time is reduced later on.

2   G S4 answering should be specifically done and practice Best IAS coaching test series in 3 hours.

And discuss well with your friends, it help you alot

  1. Practice online post writing or test series for rest of the ordinary papers,
  2. There is no longer time to read basic books, read them very little, concentrate on the best presenters and meet the lack of alternatives.
  3. The editorials for these four months are very important, examine them and prepare them well, and use a current affairs source and allow them to weep.
  4. To make the first attempt, it is the best effort, to put all your energy.



More variation can be possible, more aspects to be considered.

Language should be fluid and simple rather than having particular effect from a rigid language,Many negative images also come in front,

The multiplier and statements of larger persons should be incorporated in such a way that they do not sound burdened.

The essence of all this is that the essay should be such as to give a glimpse of your mature personality.

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