Photo of the black hole released, see first photo

Black Hole first picture was released by the Astronomers on Wednesday.The black hole in the universe (Black Hole First Image) has strong gravity and it swallows the stars. Astronomers said at a separate press conference in Brussels, Shanghai, Tokyo, Santiago, Washington and Taipei that behind a dark complexion shows a dark black shell, five million light years away in orange gas and plasma galaxies, M87 says.

Photo of the black hole released, see first photo

Photo of the black hole released, see first photo

The data needed to make the photo was gathered in April 2017 with the help of the event, Horizon Telescope.
Paul Mc Cannara of the Astronomer of the European Space Agency and Black Hole had said, “For more than 50 years, scientists have seen that something in the center of our galaxy is very bright.” He said that in black holes so much Strong gravity is that the stars revolve around it in 20 years. In our solar system it takes 23 million years in the orbit of the galaxy.Black Hole first picture was released

You know, what is black hole ?

Black hole is such a celestial power, whose gravitational field is quite powerful. Nothing can escape from its stretch. There is a limit around the black hole. That border is called event horizon. The objects may fall in it but can not come back. Therefore it is called black hole. Because it absorbs all the light falling on it. And does not reflect anything in return.

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