How to prepare for a UPSC Preliminary Examination?

How to prepare for a UPSC Preliminary Examination ? Civil Services is a dream job for many young aspirants who want to be part of the change in the country. So aspirants prepare for IAS EXAM.

How to prepare for a UPSC Preliminary Examination?

They want to know How to prepare for the Civil Services Exam? Or How to Clear this exam in the first attempt itself. They are ready to do everything but are less sure about how to begin with the preparation. Here we demystify IAS Exam for you so that you understand the ways for preparation of UPSC Preliminary Examination. We will give you a single strategy on How to prepare for a UPSC Preliminary Examination

Major thing is that you must have a very good idea about the IAS Prelims Syllabus. This part is not that much hard compared to IAS Mains Syllabus. So if you will study properly with full dedication it would be easy to get through the exam.

For the Prelims Examination good strategy is very much important as only 12000 to 15000 candidates out of 6 to 8 lakh are selected by UPSC for the Mains Examination.

There are two papers in this stage. Paper 1 (GS) and Paper 2 (CSAT). Regarding Prelims Strategy here are a few important points you need to understand :

 Paper 1 ( General Studies )

Marks: 200

Duration: Two Hours

Number of Questions: 100

In this paper you have to answer 100 questions in two hours. You will get 2 marks for every correct answer and wrong answer means loss of 0.66 marks. So speed and accuracy are essential parts to tackle this examination. There will be multiple choice questions in which single optional would be correct or multiple optional correct or matching type questions. So you have to be prepare for the exam before appearing in the exam.

 Step 1:  Go Through Previous Year Papers –

Going through the last ten years papers will familiarize you with the kind of questions asked in UPSC Exam . Going through past year’s paper will make you understand the scope of the question being asked . So this would give you a direction. You will get to know what to read and what not to read.

Step 2 :     Cover all the subjects –

You have to start reading all the subjects according to the syllabus of UPSC Prelims.

While reading go through the questions asked in the exam , understand the question and plan your strategy accordingly. Cover  all the topics comprehensively  and  also understand whether it is relevant or not.

Step 3:   Current  Affairs and News Paper Reading –

Current affairs play a very important role in clearing UPSC IAS Exam. So in preparation you have to be updated about your surroundings. For this you have to develop a habit of Newspaper reading and this should be done according to the syllabus of UPSC. This is a year long process so you have to follow and newspaper on daily basis.

Step 4 :  Notes Making – 

UPSC  Exam is a year long process so you have to cover all the topics which are mentioned in the Syllabus but on the day of the exam you have to recollect all the material but it would not be possible without revision and for revision you have to make your own notes and revised them on daily,weekly and on monthly basis. You have to chart out your daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

Step 5: Practice – 

After all these efforts and reading you have to practice mock tests as much as you can. Practicing mock is the key to success in UPSC IAS Exam. After mock you will get to know about your preparation whether you are in the right direction or not.You will have a time to improve on your weakness. For this you can join Vedanta IAS Test Series program. In which you will get proper assessment of your paper , discussion of the mock paper with experienced faculty and one to one interaction with faculty so that you clear your doubts.

Paper 2 ( CSAT)

 Marks: 200

Duration: Two Hours

Number of Questions: 80

In this paper you have to answer 80 questions in two hours. You will get 2 marks for correct answer and loss of 0.66 marks for incorrect answer. CSAT paper is qualifying in nature.This paper checks the aptitude and ability of the aspirant about how they solve the problem.

Strategy for this paper is very simple. You have to go through the last five years papers and solve them. If you find difficulty while solving the paper in any part just note it and read that portion and practice it . By doing this you will get command over the CSAT paper.

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