How to Prepared Geography in UPSC Tips by Vedanta IAS Academy

How to Prepared Geography in UPSC. Geography  is an essential part of the UPSC syllabus. It has ‘overlapping’ topics which covers Environment, Economics (Human geography-) and  Current events.  Conceptual understanding of geography is crucial for scoring in both UPSC IAS Prelims and UPSC IAS Mains. Now the most important question is how to approach such a important portion. The major part can be finished from NCERTs book . It is advisable to do this portion first as it will brush up your fundamental knowledge as well as help you in Prelims Exam. Now pick up one topic at a time, for example, disaster management – it has three parts in the syllabus –Important Geophysical phenomena such as earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclone etc. and Security and Disaster Management. Their are  mixed set of questions (both static and dynamic) with in the same topic. Geography is the most stable, but the vast portion in GS papers and can be easily prepared in relation with prelims. You have  to read the same NCERTs during prelims preparation; and just remember the facts for prelims and mains  answer some vital concept based questions in 200 words for writing  mains practice.

How to Prepared Geography in UPSC

First of all we have  to Read the UPSC syllabus many times so that you know precisely what to learn from your UPSC study materials. So  Start with the NCERTs and after that graduate to higher level books. Geography is an essential part of the UPSC SYLLABUS. It is an interesting and very important subject and unavoidable too since it is a important part of General Studies Paper I and the IAS prelims and mains both exam. C The questions asked in the prelims will be of two types. The first type will include questions to check an aspirant’s basic knowledge of the fundamental issues of geography. About the prelims, there will not be any straight questions on the fundamentals or issues related to the core topics of the geography subject. The questions are formed in a way to test ones basic understanding of the subject.  Some important tips given below which is provided by Vedanta IAS academy. How to Prepared Geography in UPSC.

. NCERT Reading is important for us

We have to starts with the NCERT books. And  It is advised that students begin with the Geography NCERTs to get a good things of the basic concepts. It is only when you have read these books can you move on to the more advanced Reference  books. After successfully complete the  NCERTs book it is recommended that you move on to Certificate Physical and Human Geography by G.C.  Leone and Mazid Hussein for physical geography of the world.

T Make your own notes

Self notes  is very important for UPSC preparation. There is no better way to succeed than to understand about and reproduce what you have developed in your own words. So Making your own notes also helps you filter out the extra material that is often included in books and may not be required for your own  preparations.

or Map is important for geography

Atlas map is  very  important things for geography subject. Geography is a map-based subject. We have to be able to understand it you must have a good knowledge of the map. In fact, in the civil services prelims examination, there were several questions from maps, especially for India.

Mock tests and current affairs –  

  1. Mock tests will allow you to assess your own  preparation and identify the area(s) of weakness zone that you need to worked on.
  2. Read newspapers such as ‘The Hindu’, and monthly magazines, namely ‘Pratiyogita darpan’  and ‘Kurukshetra’for the  update current affairs portion. Mock test and current affairs is very important part of the UPSC prelims and mains examination.


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