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India's farm crisis is important as economic reforms have failed to solve asymmetry between agricultural share in agriculture and low share in GDP. Farmers, who participated in the Kisan Mukti March in  March, in the month of November 30, 2018, farmers of 24 states have joined in protest against their demands for inclusion, in which beneficiaries of debt relief and their production Price includes. (PTI) Thousands of farmers on Friday demanded loans on Parliament Street and demanded on profit prices, including the procurement of their produce. Opposition parties, especially Left-linked farmer organizations, played a vital role in the movement. Regardless of politics, there are systematic roots in India's rural crisis, which need to be addressed at policy levels. There are four reasons why the opposition of farmers should be taken seriously. Economic reforms have failed to solve inequality between the high share of agriculture and low share in GDP. This has resulted in agricultural income, which is the biggest source of employment in the Indian economy. The markets have failed to provide relief in the increase in agricultural income or generating substantial non-agricultural jobs. This is the biggest challenge for India's structural change.