Toppers Strategies To Clear UPSC IAS Interview

Toppers Strategies To Clear UPSC IAS Interview. Last check for the UPSC IAS Exam aspirants is to crack the interview stage which is officially called the UPSC Personality Test . Here aspirants have to appear for Personality test not for the test of their knowledge.

In this stage many aspirants who perform very well in mains examination feel nervousness .This stage may be different from other stages but key to success in this stage also remains the same that is work hard,work smart and appear for mock interviews and eventually you will feel that this phase was also as smooth as others.

This phase is more than half an hour’s life changing exercise in which UPSC Board Members will question you on the basis of your DAF. In this phase sometimes difference of marks between candidates is more than 100 marks, so here

Toppers Strategies To Clear UPSC IAS Interview :-

1- Don’t waste time. Aspirants are advised not to wait for  the UPSC mains examination result. You have to start work on your personality as early as possible.

2- Human being has many sides but the problem is we don’t know ourselves .So aspirants should try to know their personality and try to overcome weakness

3- Aspirants personality test will be based on Detailed Application Form .So aspirants are advised to revise your DAF seriously and prepare well all the possible questions from DAF.

4- Don’t leave anything for chance just because the interview is subjective. Prepare a list of expected questions and understand them and at the same time follow current affairs everyday.

5- Try to give your answers wisely only after thinking every aspect. Board  will analyse everything related to you. So you have to work on your personality very sincerely.

6- Aspirants should work on their speaking skills..For this they have to give mock interviews .Try to engage in group studies so that you improve your speaking skill.

7- Prepare questions related to your hobbies and interests which you have given in DAF.

You should know how to handle the situation when you don’t know the answer.

8- You have to be serious about the process of the interview. Develop your self-confidence but remember the line between self confidence and arrogance.

9- Never try to fill wrong information related to your personality in DAF. Sooner or later they will catch you .

10– Aspirants should try to give balanced answers and at the same time they should take the stand but for this you have to be prepared with your justification. Don’t give answer without a base.

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